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in case you’re stumped for ideas about what to wear for your High School Senior Shoot, try these on for size:

Clothing Ideas





Leather vests

Studded jeans

Aggressive bleached jeans

Shredded tank tops

Midrift bustier

Rubberized pants

Slashed T’s

Slashed leggings

Sleeveless blazers

Bond skirts

Pencil skirts

One shoulder tops

Cigarette pants

Spankies (Bike shorts)

Graphic tees with words

Bright wind breakers

Cropped T’s

Uneven hems


Paint splattered

Acid wash jeans

Polka dot

Animal print

Graffiti prints

Handmade knits

Slashed fabric

Feminine dresses

Ruffled tanks

Mexican tunic dresses

Cuffed boyfriend jackets

Boyfriend jeans & shorts

Shirt dresses

Denim jackets

Country western

Layered clothes







Tortoise shell

Fabrics & Colors Ideas










Hot pink



Transparent layers

Every kind of floral

Sheer knits







Geometric stripes

Color block


Galaxies, stars

Acid wash

Mineral  photoreal







Accessories Ideas

Lace up sandals


Skinny belts



Baby dolls

Tap shorts

Grecian draping

Sports equipment

Hobby equipment

Classic cuts

Exposed zippers

Fringe chains

Studded belts

Bold shoes

Skinny ties

Big glasses

Turquoise jewelry

Spring boots

Dangling earrings

Hats (Straw, cowgirl, baseball, other)

Rayban sunglasses

Brightly colored tennis shoes

Bright beads, bows, pom poms


Have You Heard of Metal Prints on Aluminum?

Metal Prints


  • Available in over 45 sizes from wallets to 28×38.
  • Created by directly infusing the image into an aluminum sheet using a sublimation process.
  • Aluminum is approximately .045″ thick.
  • Corners are rounded for a polished look.
  • Available in your choice of four surfaces.
  • The back of each metal print is brushed metal.

Please note: Due to the nature of this product, minor surface imperfections such as bubbles or bumps may appear. We will make every effort to place the image so that imperfections are as inconspicuous as possible. Remakes are not available due to imperfections in the product.

Metal Surfaces

High Gloss Brushed

With the Brushed surface, the texture of the aluminum shows, giving the image a softly brushed appearance, and the metallic color shows through. The lighter the image, the more pronounced the effect. The high gloss surface allows the print to reflect light, for a glossy appearance.

Formerly Brushed Metal.

High Gloss Vibrant

The aluminum has a white base for the image, so that all colors are vividly displayed. The high gloss surface allow the metal print to reflect light, for a glossy appearance.

Formerly High Gloss.

Matte Brushed

With the Brushed surface, the texture of the aluminum shows, giving the image a softly brushed appearance, and the metallic color shows through. The lighter the image, the more pronounced the effect. The matte surface is non-reflective.

Not available on Circle Metal prints.

Matte Vibrant

The aluminum has a white base for the image, so that all colors are vividly displayed. The matte surface is non-reflective.

Not available on Circle Metal prints.

Display Options

Standard Mount Kit

An aluminum bracket attached to the back of the metal prints allows the image to hang 1/8″ from the wall. Clear protective wall bumpers are placed on the four corners of the metal print.

Float Mount Kit

An 3/4″ aluminum bracket allows the metal print to float off the wall. Clear protective wall bumpers are placed on the four corners of the bracket.

Metal Easel

This metal easel comes ready to attach to the back of the metal print for displaying on desktops or flat surfaces. Available for select sizes 16×16 and smaller.

Additional Options

Scalloped Corner

An alternative to the standard rounded edges, scalloped corners can give your metal print an architectural finish.

Drilled Holes

Create metal collages by clipping several metal prints together, a great way to display multiple images, or a single image across several metal prints. Drilled holes are ¼”; order drilled holes in the top, bottom or all corners depending on where the image will hang in the collage. Use the Hanging Clips (below) to attach images.

Hanging Clips

Use these clips to attach multiple metal prints to create a collage.


standUP® [Metal] with Base

Each standUP® with Base showcases two images on metal. A double sided aluminum print fits perfectly into a clear acrylic base to stand up for display.


  • The standUP® with Base is available in seven sizes: 3½x5, 5×5, 5×7, 5×10, 8×8, 8×10, and 8″ Circle.
    • 3½x5, 5×7 and 8×10 are available in both vertical and horizontal formats.
  • Created by directly infusing the image into an aluminum sheet using a sublimation process.
  • Features an image of your choice on both sides.
  • Aluminum print is .055″ thick.
  • Available in the High Gloss Vibrant surface.
  • Clear acrylic base measures 1″ longer than the width of the metal x 1″ x .25″.
  • Ships unassembled, with protective paper to protect the acrylic.

Please note: Due to the nature of this product, minor surface imperfections such as bubbles or bumps may appear. We will make every effort to place the image so that imperfections are as inconspicuous as possible. Remakes are not available due to imperfections in the product.

Clothing Tips for Business Portraits

Clothing Tips for Business Portraits

This Is All For YOUR Benefit!

The selection of proper clothing for your portrait is a critical factor in the preparation for a successful portrait.

If the clothing is noticeable in a portrait, it could easily become a distraction.  Clothing that does not attract attention to itself is the ultimate goal.  It could be the difference between a very successful portrait and just another picture.  We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to observe the following criteria. It is quite possible that if inappropriate clothing is selected, the photographer may ask you to change your selection before the portrait sitting is made.

Dark Clothing Tends to Slenderize

Darker clothing helps to blend the bodies with the background, so that the faces are the most important part of the photograph.  Dark colors definitely tend to slenderize the subject.  Light colors seem to add weight to the bodies.

The color of the clothing should always be toned down.  Bright colors attract attention away from the face. Colors MUST be dark and not bright.  This is ESSENTIAL!


Prints and any kind of pattern – no matter how small – can become a distraction.

In the case of digital portraits, in particular, small patterns in clothing (even a small herring-bone or checkered pattern) can cause terrible distortions to appear in the portrait that are not originally there.

Avoid Short Sleeve Clothing

Long sleeved clothing is a MUST!  When arms are exposed to the camera there will be more flesh in the photograph in those areas than on the face, itself.  This is a major distraction.

White shirts and/or blouses under a dark jacket (but not by itself because white tends to pick up reflections of any green grass, bushes and trees) are perfect.  A scarf loosely tied around the neck also helps to frame a face beautifully when a collarless blouse or sweater is worn.  Neckties should definitely be toned-down in color and with a minimum of pattern.

Proper Necklines for a Portrait

The most flattering neckline for anyone is something that comes up close to the neck.  A wide-open neckline tends to thicken the neck in a photograph.  On the other hand, a neckline that comes up to the base of the neck – a turtleneck or a v-neck top is the most flattering.  It tends to slim down the person and frames the face beautifully.

Finally, lay out all the clothing onto a bed. Shoes, socks, stockings (dark hose is mandatory) – everything should be included…shoes, too!  Then, take a careful look at the collection.  If your eye goes to any one item in particular, you can be certain that the same thing will happen in a photograph.  That item should be changed.

Clothing should not be too tight or too loose.  Clothing below the waistline should be darker than above. Otherwise, even light jeans worn below a darker top could easily attract attention to the lower part of the body and away from the face.

Hair Style and Makeup

Hair styles should be SIMPLE and MUST be off the face.  Hair falling down onto the sides of the face creates distracting shadows.  Bangs that come down too low onto the face will keep light from getting into the subject’s eyes – the very most important part of the face.  Eye makeup should be blended – no sharp demarcation lines between colors.  AVOID WHITE above or below the eyes. It does not photograph well at all.  Too much color above and below the eyes attracts attention to itself. It actually takes attention AWAY from the eyes, rather than attracting the viewer to the eyes.  Foundation makeup should be blended at the jawline, so that there is no demarcation between the face and the neck.  Some photographers also recommend that makeup be extended down from the face to the neckline to have a continuous tone on the skin.


Eye glasses may or may not be worn.  Non-reflective lenses, of course, are a big help.  Better yet, sometimes it’s possible to obtain a matching set of frames without any lenses.  This is particularly helpful, if your lenses sometimes distort the outline of your face. Another technique we use is to position your face slightly away from the light source to minimize (but not necessarily totally eliminate) reflections.





OUR GUARANTEE. We absolutely guarantee that you will be thrilled (not just satisfied) with your photographs or we will give you all your money back.

WE ONLY PHOTOGRAPH ONE WEDDING PER DAY, so you won’t be rushed, and we won’t arrive late and tired from having already photographed two weddings that day!  This is vitally important to how smoothly your day goes!

Our desire to help you LOOK YOUR VERY BEST in all your wedding photographs.  Most photographers don’t like weddings. They photograph them only because they have to – they need the money. But we don’t need the money. WE PHOTOGRAPH WEDDINGS BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM!


MOST PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE TECHNICALLY MINDED, but they’re not very good with people. They like all the equipment, etc.  We, on the other hand, certainly know our equipment, but we go so much further to consider the people and emotions on your wedding day.  That makes the whole difference between good photographs and great photographs that will create fond memories every time you look at them.

We will help your day go so SMOOTHLY!  We will work very carefully with you to see to it that everything goes perfectly, and that we represent you and your family really well.  We are diplomats first and photographers second.  We will enjoy working with you, your family and friends, and will treat everyone with respect and tender loving care!

We are really good at capturing the STORY OF YOUR WEDDING DAY, WITHOUT INTERFERING with the flow and romance of your day.  We want to create for you a series of photographs that are way more than just normal “photographs” – THEY ARE A PRICELESS EMOTIONAL STATEMENT OF YOUR LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS.  A series of images that bring tears to your eyes or a lump to your throat each time you look at them.

We want to create for you photographs that are even MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU EVER DREAMED THEY WOULD BE.  They give you chills because they are a window into your life and the life of your family and your relationships with your friends.  The photographs truly become

priceless, because they say what words really cannot say.

WE WILL MEET WITH THE BRIDE, THE MOTHER AND THE FIANCEE. This will help us get to know you and to find out exactly what you are looking for and what you want these photographs to say.

OUR SPECIALTY IS CAPTURING EMOTIONS AND LOVE.  That’s what we love to do.  We really don’t look at the photographs we will be taking on your wedding day as “wedding photographs” but rather as “family photographs created on your wedding day.”  We want to capture all the personalities, relationships, and emotions of your family and friends. By doing that, your photographs mean more to you than you ever dreamed they would!

We really understand that MOST PEOPLE DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE in front of a camera.  We are understanding of this, and work carefully with you to help everyone in the photographs feel good, and have a fun time during the photography.  What a wonderful difference this makes in your photographs!

WE MAKE EVERY ONE OF OUR CLIENTS LOOK WONDERFUL. Every one of your close-up photographs will be enhanced.

NO ONE ELSE WILL THROW THEIR HEART AND SOUL into creating beautiful and emotionally meaningful wedding photographs for you. It’s what we love to do!

WE PHOTOGRAPH FEWER WEDDINGS than most of the other photographers in the area.  We do this so we can take more time and create something really meaningful to you, rather than rushing you through like a factory.


This will really help you look your best.  Most photographers just use a bright flash on their camera.  That is not the way to do photographs of a bride in a white gown!  This soft light gives your wedding photographs a beauty and a depth that most wedding photographers just can’t achieve.


Another Outstanding Print Award!

Elderly Woman in Jerusalem, Israel

"We're All Looking for Something"

I was honored tonight by winning the Outstanding Print Award in the Illustrative category from the Dallas Guild of the Professional Photographers of America. This is the 2nd time since my first entry in April 2011 that I received this accolade from my peers. The image was taken in Jerusalem, Israel and is entitled “We’re All Looking for Something”. You can view much more of my work at my Website. Think of me as your Dallas Photographer of Weddings, Portraits and Events! Profile for Marc Friedland Photography

This is the copy from our Profile on the Wedding Website: . . .

Many Brides start planning their Wedding when they are little girls. And when they grow up and get Engaged, there are initially feelings of excitement, joy, pride, love and romance. But then reality sinks in and they feel frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed. There are so many details to attend to and it’s both time consuming and physically exhausting. Not only will we give you some straight talk about choosing a professional photographer, but also we might be able to direct you to a Wedding Planner who could take away those headache-causing decisions.

Let’s meet in person for a “chat” to see if our personalities “mesh”. After all, we’ll be spending hours together on your most exciting, yet stressful, Wedding day. So call us at 469.223.7766 for availability of your specific Wedding date and to get together. Virtually everyone we chat with in person sees our passion for this noble calling. If we click, that’s great; if not, that’s fine too and we’d be pleased to refer you to a peer. And as a bonus for keeping your Appointment with us, we will give you a $20.00 Gift Card to Starbucks (whether you book your Wedding with us or not). The only requirement is that we ask that the Bride, Groom and any other decision-maker be present so we can find out if we are all a “good fit”.

One of the unique things that separates us from all the other photographers in the area is our No-Risk Guarantee: “We absolutely guarantee that you’ll be thrilled (not just satisfied) with your photographs or we will do what’s necessary to please you.”

Another uniqueness is that we photograph Weddings because we LOVE them. It’s a known fact in the industry that many photographers don’t really like shooting Weddings. They photograph them because they need the money. We are in a different situation and have the luxury to choose with whom we want to work. That means we can devote more time to your Wedding (including before and after) than most other photographers. And we also have an in-home Studio, so we have far less overhead and can offer quality, cost competitive Wedding services and pass those savings on to you.

FYI, check out our custom-designed Music Videos of entire Wedding days at:


And now a word from your photographer . . . I’m a talented, nationally published Dallas professional photographer whose passion reflects in the quality of my work and I’ve just received an Award for an Outstanding Print from the local PPA Guild. I become emotionally connected with my clients to capture impactful photographic imagery. My favorite saying is: “It’s not the lens on your camera, it’s the lens on your heart”.

I’ve been a photographer for 33 years and I’ve shot thousands of frames of slide film of family, travels, landscapes and wildlife. Then in 2002, I fully transitioned to digital and in 2009 I decided to follow my passion and turned professional. This has been an amazing educational journey by studying the artistry of the old time painting masters, the nuances of lighting and posing and being guided by some of the most well-known and accomplished present day photographers in the world. I use this knowledge to create an authentic photographic narrative of your enduring Love Story on your Wedding Day.

By engaging me as your personal Wedding photographer, I can also create a package especially for you. Ala Carte options include an Engagement Session, an Engagement Album, a Bridal Session, full day Wedding coverage including the Reception, a custom-designed Wedding Fine Art Book, Parent books and large Portraits printed on high-end, professional photographic paper or on beautiful, gallery wrapped canvas. Both the Album and portraits are optimized as “Artist Edits” to create that “WOW” factor. These become valuable and tangible evidence that serves as an enduring reminder of your special Wedding day.

We have also added the capability to create a custom Video Interview with the Bride and Groom; this is typically done before the Wedding Day and can have its debut at the Wedding Reception. FYI, any package includes a complimentary several minute Music Video prepared from selected still photographs of your Wedding. In addition, you will receive a CD/DVD of your images with a Copyright License to post them on your Social Media/Blog and also to email them to your friends and relatives. I also maintain an e-Commerce website where individual photographs may be purchased.

I’ve photographed thousands of images of Events, Weddings, Glamour/Fashion and Portraits including a Destination Wedding in Calcutta, India. In addition to memberships in PPA and WPPI, I’m an Active Member of the local Guild, the Dallas Professional Photographers Association (DPPA), perhaps the most prestigious Guild in the country. I’m perpetually searching to refine my techniques as I understand that maintaining the status quo is actually falling behind.

Are You More Interested in the BMW or the Model? LOL.

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Here’s a Fun Photo Shoot!

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Couldn’t resist photographing this Mime at night time!  Such a brilliant array of colors!

Lovely Bridal Session

An image from our most recent Bridal Session.

Our Brand New Marc Friedland Photography Website!

We finally have gone LIVE with our Brand New Website!  The address is still the same at:, but we started from the ground up to build something this is both User-friendly and also displays the range of our professional photography talents.

Just cruise on over for a Test Drive.  You’ll find my Bio on our Homepage

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