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One of the unique things that separates us from all the other photographers in the area is our No-Risk Guarantee: “We absolutely guarantee that you’ll be thrilled (not just satisfied) with our photography or we will do whatever to please you.”

Another uniqueness is that we photograph Weddings because we LOVE them. It’s a known fact in the industry that many photographers don’t really like shooting Weddings. They photograph them because they need the money. We are in a different situation and have the luxury to choose with whom we want to work. That means we can devote more time to your Wedding (including before and after) than most other photographers. And we also have an in-home Studio, so we have far less overhead and can offer quality, cost competitive Wedding services and pass those savings on to you.

Many Brides start planning their Wedding when they are little girls. And when they grow up and get Engaged, there are initially feelings of excitement, joy, pride, love and romance. But then reality sinks in and they feel frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed. There are so many details to attend to and it’s both time consuming and physically exhausting. Not only will we give you some straight talk about choosing a professional photographer, but also we might be able to direct you to a Wedding Planner who could take away those headache-causing decisions.

Let’s meet in person for a “chat” to see if our personalities “mesh”. After all, we’ll be spending hours together on your most exciting, yet stressful, Wedding day. So call us at 469.223.7766 for availability of your specific Wedding date and to get together. Virtually everyone we chat with in person sees our passion for this noble calling. If we click, that’s great; if not, that’s fine too and we’d be pleased to refer you to a peer. And as a bonus for keeping your Appointment with us, we will give you a $20.00 Gift Card to Starbucks (whether you book your Wedding with us or not). The only requirement is that we ask that the Bride, Groom and any other decision-maker be present so we can find out if we are all a “good fit”.

FYI, check out our custom-designed Music Videos of entire Wedding days at:


And now a word from your photographer . . . I’m a talented, nationally published Dallas professional photographer whose passion reflects in the quality of my work and I’ve just received an Award for an Outstanding Print from the local PPA Guild. I become emotionally connected with my clients to capture impactful photographic imagery. My favorite saying is: “It’s not the lens on your camera, it’s the lens on your heart”.

I’ve been a photographer for 33 years and I’ve shot thousands of frames of slide film of family, travels, landscapes and wildlife. Then in 2002, I fully transitioned to digital and in 2009 I decided to follow my passion and turned professional. This has been an amazing educational journey by studying the artistry of the old time painting masters, the nuances of lighting and posing and being guided by some of the most well-known and accomplished present day photographers in the world. I use this knowledge to create an authentic photographic narrative of your enduring Love Story on your Wedding Day.

By engaging me as your personal Wedding photographer, I can also create a package especially for you. Ala Carte options include an Engagement Session, an Engagement Album, a Bridal Session, full day Wedding coverage including the Reception, a custom-designed Wedding Fine Art Book, Parent books and large Portraits printed on high-end, professional photographic paper or on beautiful, gallery wrapped canvas. Both the Album and portraits are optimized as “Artist Edits” to create that “WOW” factor. These become valuable and tangible evidence that serves as an enduring reminder of your special Wedding day.

Any package includes a complimentary Music Video prepared from selected still photographs of your Wedding. In addition, you will receive a CD/DVD of your images with a Copyright License to post them on your Social Media/Blog and also to email them to your friends and relatives. I also maintain an e-Commerce website where individual photographs may be purchased.

I’ve photographed thousands of images of Events, Weddings, Glamour/Fashion and Portraits including a Destination Wedding in Calcutta, India. In addition to memberships in PPA and WPPI, I’m an Active Member of the local Guild, the Dallas Professional Photographers Association (DPPA), perhaps the most prestigious Guild in the country. I’m perpetually searching to refine my techniques as I understand that maintaining the status quo is actually falling behind.

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